The film will be presented at la 35ème Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois.
Vendredi 24 Février 2017 | 17h15 - Art et expérimentation

Creation & Sacrifice

 ( 20min. Autoethnographic Essay Film )

It portrays an emotional landscape of Japan after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. A filmmaker’s personal journey to reconnect with her sister, a successful potter living in the ruins of Fukushima is interlocked with her spiritual quest of bridging east and west, feminine and masculine, and shadow and light in her mind.

My artistic approach has always been to tell a story symbolically and visually. Experimentations of a cinematic language and explorations in possibilities of artistic story telling methods have always been my great interests. The film combines both categories of autoethnographic experimental and essay, as it layers both the main character’s personal history as well as a larger theme of journey home.

As a conscious mind connects pieces of perceived reality, thoughts, memories and dreams, this essay film assembles these elements to tell an intimate and illusive story, blending fiction and documentary film forms.