Harp Dream (working title)

A feature-length essay film, a portrait of harpist Sarah Pagé

by Kyoka Tsukamoto

supported by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

She said, "I wanna make music like a dragon"

An essay film, Harp Dream is a portrait of harpist Sarah Pagé, at a turning point in her career as a performer and composer.  After a year of upheaval, commercial successes and artistic disappointments Pagé now finds herself questioning the meaning of music in her life and its role in society.  To re-connect to the source of her inspiration, she has made the bold choice to retreat from her busy career for a year in order to pursue the seeds of new musical passions that have long been waiting for the chance to grow.  

 The film follows her journey of explorations in the classical Hindustani singing of India, her research on her native roots through the production of the first ambient Celtic album with her trio Bùmarang, and her journey to Japan where she explores the spiritual music of Shintoism, Gagaku.  It depicts her creative process and challenges in search of a new form of modern sacred music.  Conceived as an essay film, the project is a meditative visual poem that provides a deep dive into the heart of the main character.  Pagé’s reflections will take the form of monologues guiding us through the story, and will be woven together with the music to emulate the ebb and tide of consciousness and emotion.